Hey All- I have started this blog to assist some “New Dawgs” with NEW TRICKS as well as allow some “Old Dawgs” to CHIME IN or refresh some boating skills and or etiquette- When Purchasing an anchor– Think of these: *Length of Vessel *Type of […]
Inboard Engine Bay
Hello Boaters! Both new and experienced, we anticipate a fantastic season of boating this time of year! Below are some topics of discussion to have with your servicing shop as well as some items that you can do yourself to help make the best “problem […]
Air Conditioning
Greetings Fellow Boaters- It has been hot lately. Why aren’t our air-conditioners keeping up?!? IT’S HOT! Over the years I’ve made sure to prepare for the summer due to practicing what I preach. Here are some useful tips to ensure that your A/C unit(s) are […]
Good Morning Boating Community- I see pictures from time to time of boats on fire, and although accidents happen, I want to remind you what is mainly the cause. We, as boaters, are usually impatient, and ready to go BOATING!! Well, take a minute, remember […]
Maintenance 101
Greetings Fellow Boaters- At the end of the Summer season, we find our selves winding down in some regions, and this year, for sure, we have had the time to get out and run our boat engines, systems, and ourselves to the fullest. Now What-? […]